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In developing the most ideal products for ourselves and in fulfilling the requests of others who also were interested in utilizing our products, we realized that we could — and should — make these products available to all who would like to use them. The products we offer, & other products now in development, all are items we believe in and use ourselves. In producing and manufacturing our products, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of integrity. This is how we developed our own ORMUS PRODUCTS. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PRODUCTS  


The Ormus elements are believed to exist in the supraphysical realm, that is, halfway between this physical plane and the next plane: the astral. The Ormus elements are also believed to be superconductors that assist in the processing of energy in the physical body.

The body has various connections to Soul and to the spiritual current. Some call these connections chakras, and they are also known by other names. These connections are believed to process energy most efficiently when Ormus elements are present.

Ormus is known to respond to consciousness, and being a superconductor, it is viewed as the perfect bridge between worlds, processing the path of energy from Spirit to Soul, to mind, then to body, in the cleanest, most efficient possible way. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE