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It is believed that Ormus elements are meant to be an integral part of our physiology, from our skin, nails and hair, all the way to the blood, brain and the rest of our organs, into the DNA structure itself. Ormus elements are believed to restore the original DNA structure, possibly even assisting in its evolution.

Without access to these basic Ormus elements, the body uses whatever it can to complete its makeup, even to the point of accepting inferior materials to complete and maintain its living structure. Nature abhors a vacuum and therefore makes do with whatever is available.

The Ormus elements in the high-spin state are energetically drawn into the deficient structure, filling voids and replacing the substandard elements previously used in the absence of Ormus elements. The structure of the immune system, for one, is optimized by this process.
The implications of this are enormous. For example, where there is plentiful Ormus in the body, surprisingly rapid healing of damaged skin and muscle tissue has taken place, with minimal scarring.

This would indicate the increased efficiency of healing-energy transfer and increased new cell-growth response to the damaged tissue. It is easy to understand by extrapolation that increases of this type could naturally extend the normal healthy lifespan.

As scientific research sheds more light on additional measurable characteristics and reproducible behavior of Ormus in the human body, we hope to see the development of new applications for Ormus technology in treating a wide spectrum of deficiency-related disease.


Our experience has yielded two different ways of achieving a charged state. Please do your own experimenting until you arrive at what you feel is best for you. Ideally, a concentrated Ormus product would be added to about one cup of distilled water for the process.

Be cautious at first. Some Ormus products tend to contain significant amounts of magnesium, which, when ingested, may loosen the bowels considerably... and inconsiderately. We cannot suggest a water-to-Ormus ratio, either with or without knowing the exact details of the Ormus product you are using. Start small at first to determine what works best for you.

Slow method:
In the blender/charger, create a full, whirling vortex to spin the solution at the lowest possible speed, and maintain the speed for approximately 45 seconds (give or take a few seconds).

Fast method:
In the blender/charger, spin solution at high speed for 5 to 10 seconds. Be sure to pour out the solution before to comes to a rest. These methods work best on an empty stomach.

CAUTION: Do not spin excessively, as overcharging Ormus renders it ineffective.

Creating Your Own Magnetic Ormus Charger

For those who wish to maximize the effectiveness of Ormus by putting it into a high spin state before using it and want to bypass the expense of our magnet housing kit, we suggest the following; simply obtain some magnets and attach them to the sides of a plastic blender canister using tape.

Another way is to attach magnets to a plastic cup and stir to create a full vortex. Determining how long to spin the Ormus using either of these methods will, of course depend on the strength, quantity and placement of the magnets. In the RESOURCES area of the PRODUCTS page we have included links to web pages to give you some helpful ideas.

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