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Re: OrmusTech-New HR Ormus Product!

Sun Jul 5, 2015 3:46 pm (PDT) . Posted by:
"Barry Carter" bcarterigc

Dear Friends,

You can read more about William Bull's history on Facebook at:

He has been making ORMUS concentrates since 2006. I have seen many good reports about his products and have had good results with them myself.

Jim developed the HR process and used it on some specific rocks from Eastern Oregon. William Bull has used this process on Azomite. Therefore the product is different compared to the HR that Jim made. Sharon Rose has used both and has posted her experiences on the ORMUS forum. She said that it is a great product.

Most people don't have the skills and patience to make it for themselves. I am very glad that William is willing to make the effort to produce this.

With kindest regards,

Barry Carter

2319 Balm
Baker City, Oregon 97814
Phone: 541-523-3357
Web Pages:
ORMUS - Forest - Donate -

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Emmet Fox from Make Your Life Worthwhile, 1942

Subject: Ormus Toothpaste
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 07:26:27

Hello Fellow Travelers!

Just a quick note to say I order two tubes from the provider who made a post to this list a while back.

I am about halfway through the first tube and all I can say is thank you! This is a great product, both as a toothpaste and as an Ormus. It is minty fresh and leaves my teeth and gums feeling very clean and healthy but also packs quite a powerful alchemical experience as well.

One of the things I've noticed over the last 10 years of experimenting with these substances is that when they contain significant amounts of Ormus I notice my hair and nails all grow about twice as fast as normal. Also the quality of my tears changes in their salt content or quality....

What I mean to say is the tears seem less salty but more viscous...

Meanwhile I feel great and my mouth is super healthy! I recommend anyone interested to give this triple mint toothpaste a go!

I for one was most definitely not disappointed!

I was scraping inside of the container for the last bits of your toothpaste. After I ran out, I bought some Toms w/o fluoride. My mouth is now throbbing subtly. I know your toothpaste is solidly the best. Keep up the good work.


Hello Mr. Bull!

Finally!  I have a short testimonial for you.  I REALLY love the ORMUS toothpaste.  Please, please, please do not EVER stop making and producing it OK?  I will be heartbroken. 

Hands down – your ORMUS Toothpaste is the very best toothpaste I have ever used! Except it is more than a toothpaste; it’s a complete oral hygiene product with the added benefit of ORMUS. I wish I could tell the whole world about it! My teeth are significantly whiter after just 9-days of use! My gums, which are receding, appear fuller with a healthier pink color. In just 9-days! I will NEVER go back to dental products made by Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and the rest of those corporate outlaws. I recently learned that Crest toothpaste has polyethylene (plastics) in it! They don’t really care about our dental health; just the bottom line profits to shareholders. Here is the link about the polyethylene and its from a dental hygienist: I am truly grateful that you have decided to share your amazing product with us. Thank you!

It's true.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

With Appreciation,

From the Yahoo Ormus forum

Hip, hip hooray for TripleMint Toothpaste!

Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:06 pm (PDT) . Posted by: "Sharon Rose" roseswrite

A short while ago I was talking with another long time ORMUS enthusiast and he told me he just got back from seeing the dentist. He was pleasantly surprised that his check up was perfect - no cavities and his gums were better too. This surprised him because there's always been a problem every time he's been to the dentist. He was particularly concerned this time because he's been using a non-fluoride toothpaste for 4 months - ORMUSTech's Triple Mint Toothpaste. He stuck with the dentist recommendations because he thought he was prone to cavities. Now he knows!

I'm grateful to William Bull for providing this wonderful toothpaste. It's a blessing I indulge in daily. Because I value this product I was pleased when he agreed to offer his toothpaste for the recent Alchemy Sampler.

On the tagline of William's emails, he reminds us that: You can't make it yourself at this price! Fortunately we don't have to. William does it for us, and far better than we could do. The sweet energy from his wonderful ORMUS is concentrated in the toothpaste. In order to harvest the raw material for his ORMUS, he actually uses a specially made, industrial sized vortex machine mounted on a boat and travels to a specific location to vortex the best of what the ocean has to offer. That is unprecedented.

I wanted to send out a special thank you to William for his support of the Alchemy Sampler, since the last campaign sold out before I could forward a promotional spotlight this great product.

Following are a few testimonials from other people regarding this toothpaste.

Thank you William! We appreciate what you do.


Bill-- How is life?
I am using your toothpaste and loving it.
What is new with you????

Oh I want more of your Ormus--do you want me to send you a check or go through Pay pal??? 2 bottles--

I am so proud of your work. Keep in touch.

Chris Emmons RPh
Key Largo, Florida
Author: Member of the International Alchemy Guild Master Alchemist-Essene/Egyptian Traditions, Author/ Member of the Global Ormus Community "Ormus Modern Day Alchemy": Primer of Ormus Collection Processes Reference Edition

Super Clean Triple Mint ORMUS toothpaste

I want to congratulate William from ORMUS Tech for creating such a fine product.

I was happy to use this toothpaste because it's an ORMUS product and I believed it to be at least every bit as good as any health-food store brand, but I didn't expect it to be quantitatively superior as well.

My 8oz bottle of toothpaste is a little more than half empty and I've had it months and months. I don't recall when I got it but it's been quite a while so it LASTS! That's important to know when you make an $16. investment for toothpaste.

It's obvious that it's a better dollar value than anything mass produced.

Now..... I don't know when I first noticed that my teeth were whiter but I know I stopped complaining to myself several months ago. Before, I would look in the mirror and grumble to myself how yellow my teeth are. Looking back it was part of my 'routine'. I've used 'whitening' toothpastes, but they didn't work. I thought about using whitening strips but I didn't want to subject myself to those chemicals.

Then yesterday two things happened:
I actually admired how white my teeth are AND I suddenly realized that I haven't grumbled for a really long time. I don't recall the last time I complained to myself about my yellow teeth. And now I know that's because they've been getting whiter and whiter all along! I'm sorry , William, that I didn't take before and after photos, but I wasn't expecting this, however if you add a testimonial page to your website you can add my testament (with my name) to it.

I also love your ORMUS too. Someone on this list was asking for ORMUS that isn't salty and that's one thing I like about your product. It actually has a sweetness to it.

I first tried it at Enota in May of '11 when Chris Emmons (author of the book "ORMUS Modern Day Alchemy") shared some with me.

I found I was craving it because I kept going back to her for more. Sweet energy to it as well.

Your toothpaste performs every bit as well as I could ever want from any toothpaste product, and it certainly out performed my expectations.

I just had to share this with everyone because it's those little miracles in life that catch us off guard and mean so much.

Warmly, Sharon
510-529-9027 (9-5 daily, Pacific time)

Dear William,
Thanks for the fast shipping! Your toothpaste is just amazing, I love it already! The taste is really pleasant.

I have used it since it was in the sampler and I have managed to decrease some white spots on my teeth.

I have quite badly worn out ends of the teeth and demineralization, I think, it has improved, since I have used your toothpaste.

I first brush my teeth and then brush some of the toothpaste to the teeth, to leave it there overnight. Diana

Lady Lark Superclean Triple Mint Ormus Toothpaste!!

I've been looking for the perfect toothpaste and I think I've finally found it!  Formulated by William Bull of OrmusTech, every ingredient in Superclean has been chosen for a specific purpose and carefully combined with the other ingredients to produce a safe, synergistically powerful and effective tooth and mouth cleanser.

It's not only good for the teeth it also helps to balance the oral flora!  It's all natural, nothing artificial and made from the highest quality ingredients available anywhere on earth.  No flouride or glycerine, fillers or colors.  Made with 25% Pure Ormus Concentrate and ingredients from Mother Nature.  It's so refreshing to my mouth and I'm sure you will like it too!!

Lady Lark

Hey William,
I absolutely love your tooth paste.
It is now my favorite way to take Ormus!
This is truly an amazing product.
This is the mostrevolutionary toothpaste ever!
I just ordered 2 more tubes because my girlfriend stole the one I just bought!

Cheers -Tom
Tom Cushwa

Oh My GOSH!!!!!

I took the Concentrated Ormus last night and for the first time in months I didn't have this severe  throbbing aching in my legs!  My husband Nelson has a loose tooth and it was hurting him last night, so he used the toothpaste, and drank the Concentrated Ormus.   Then he put the tooth paste around his tooth for the night.   His tooth immediately stopped hurting.

I also quit taking it because I felt Nelson needed it more than myself.  But I will tell you since I quit, the aching has come back into my legs something fierce.  Shows you how good this product is.  Have a wonderful day!

This is very exciting.

Dear Friend William Bull,

I want to share with you my wee miracle with Ormus.

I have had shingles since 1987....and every day since ( or so it would seem as they are always re-occurring).

My family physician suggested the the cost of 200.00 which is my groceries for the month as I am a pensioner. The ointment is 100 per tube so not much better solution.

My acupuncturist has been using MOXA help me with other gifts of aging. (I will not bore you here with the details of the gifts I gave my body in my youth.

She heats the MOXA which is compressed chinese herbs and it stimulates the needles to assist in healing.

The ashes of the MOXA I asked her to give to me to rub on my skin.

Two weeks ago I had her place the MOXA ashes in a dish for me in which I had some lavender essence. The lavender dissipated quickly and the next day I mixed the ORMUS with the MOXA into a paste and put it on the places where my shingles were inflamed. I placed the paste on wee circular cotton pads and put them directly on the shingles. I would leave them there for hours.

My shingles are gone. I am blessed.

I have many other miracles to share but this one I was able to document.....and I thank you for the love.

Perhaps this may assist others of my generation who are plagued with shingles.

With love, there is a solution.

For this was the above recipe....about 3 tablespoons of MOXA ashes and enough diluted ORMUS to cover the ashes. The dilution was the residue of the bottle of ORMUS ..about 12 tblspoons in one liter of filtered water.

It works for me. Thank you for letting me share the joy.

Thank you kindly. Mary Helen Ferris
Lethbridge Alberta Canada. Kindly take this note as permission to share my joy.

contact information you may give freely as my public email

Dear Larry, Thanks for your comical feedback. Sounds like your mouth is becoming relatively free of flouride and glycerine. Both block the absorption of Ormus, calcium, boron and magnesium,and  all the other minerals your body is sending into your mouth to repair and remineralize your teeth and their connection to bone structure. So now, instead of depositing on the outside of the teeth as a home for  plaque, they are being used to do what the body intended-healing your mouth. I wish you every continued success.


On Sep 21, 2013, at 5:59 PM
Commander Lorenzo wrote:

Perhaps you would like to know about the one complaint I have about your product.  Been using it about one year now and besides the missing periodontal disease and the lack of plaque crusted on my teeth I would like to point out another short coming.

My old Lady and me brush once a day.  That means we go to bed with three meals of stuff left in our mouths. Regular toothpaste allows fuzz to grow to the point we used breath mints just to get through the day.

In the morning our mouths tasted like camels had tromped through it all night so it was easy to tell we needed to brush our teeth in the morning. Your toothpaste has caused us to forget to brush our teeth in the morning since we have no fuzz when we get up the next morning.  Then we have to try and remember if we brushed our teeth in the morning and it seems that we can not tell since our mouths still seem to be fresh.  It is truly frustrating to not be able to tell if you have brushed your teeth.                                                                       Larry

P.S. Your tooth paste resolved periodontal disease and lowered plaque on teeth between dentist cleanings such that I no longer feel sorry for the hygienist that works on my teeth 

Dear Billy,  I love this toothpaste! I like all the natural ingredients in it for one thing and have been looking for a good toothpaste without fluoride.  The taste is very good!  I'm used to having baking soda in my toothpaste which this has, but the mintiness is very good, just the right flavor!  I have been using it for about a week now.  My teeth seem to look whiter or something I've noticed since I've been using it, more "glowing" is the only way I can think to describe it.   It seems to clean better than any other toothpaste I have used in the past.

Patrice Reynolds
North Omstead, Ohio

Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 11:11:54

Subject: RE: WhiteGold: Ormus Toothpaste
From: Maxine Downs

I just wanted to chime in giving my "two cents" about William's toothpaste.  I want to start off by saying, I take especially good care of and have great teeth.  I'm also open to trying new things.

When the discussion came up about ORMUS toothpaste (already enjoy taking Ormus), I figured the toothpaste would be an added benefit.  Overall, I simply like how clean it makes my mouth/ teeth feel.

Last week, I went for my 6 month checkup/cleaning.  The hygienist usually comments on the coffee stains on my teeth and gives a gentle scolding. However, this visit she and the dentist said my mouth looked terrific (before the cleaning).  The light removal of tartar/polishing, I was in and out of the chair in about 15-20 minutes.

We were all amazed.  The dentist said "keep up the good work!"   After going to him for the past 10 years, he has never said that before.  I attribute it to the ORMUS toothpaste.

A special acknowledgement and thank you to William and your work/service in making such a wonderful product available for us all.

Maxine Wash DC

Thank you William,

I look forward to receiving the toothpaste. I really enjoy using it.
Great taste, and feels very healthy also.

Guy Boutin
Swadeshi Leatherworks

Hi Will

I received your toothpaste and love it!  It gives me a clean refreshing feeling.

I do love it and can feel all of the love and care u have put into it, Thank you.  I highly recommend it to everyone thanks again Will for making such an awesome toothpaste with love light and an ormus amount of gratitude.

Estella Rodriguez
Monterey, California


I love your ORMUS. It has character and sparkle. It really makes me feel good. I'm loving your toothpaste as well.  It is a really great product.

I wish you oodles of success and satisfaction.


Sharon Rose
El Sobrante, California
510-529-9027 (9-5 daily, Pacific time)

Dear William,

Just wanted to give you some feedback about the toothpaste I ordered from you.


First off, thanks for getting it to me so quick. I really like it. It leaves a very clean and refreshed feeling in my teeth/mouth, and seems to whiten the teeth a bit too. I am hoping that it may help with my tendency of developing cavities... that would be great. Thanks again!  Will definitely re-order when my first bottle runs out:)

Andrew Macfarlane MS, L.Ac
Classical Acupuncturist
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Hi William

I got the toothpaste today.

Thank you!  It's the best I've ever brushed my teeth with.  It does some serious cleaning, never felt cleaner in my mouth before!  I'm satisfied, and this replaces my last toothpaste.

Thanks for ultra-fast delivery!


Svein Daniel Solvenus

Hi William,

Ormus Tech toothpaste is the bomb!

Totally natural & it whitens teeth like no other product!

Iz Mi

Silverlake, California

Dear William,

I just received my Ormus sampler from Sharon. I tried your toothpaste first, and I am very excited.  My teeth never felt cleaner.

I will be ordering some more of the toothpaste within the next week.

Mary Juanita Lopez

Dear Billy

Wow your tooth paste certainly cleans really nice. Thank you so much!

It is definitely better than the name brand I have been using.  I really think you got a winner of a product just from a cleaning point of view.  What does the ormus do for the gums or enamel ?  If it has a good quality you need to promote it to make it stand out as something truly innovative.

What I find with most natural tooth pastes is they have a tendency to be overly abrasive and wear away your enamel. Yours seems to be perfect!

I think that you are headed in a good direction. You need a product line like Burt's Bee's: Shampoo, lotions, lip balm and such.

Give me a call, I would love to see you.

Thanks Again,

Vasili Varalas
Sierra Madre, Ca

My teeth are already dancingly dazzling and thank you.

Mary Helen Ferris

Edmonton Canada

My husband and I have been using William Bull's Ormus Toothpaste and  when my husband started using it he was amazed how much it helped his teeth, he  had alot of bleeding from his gums and now he has very little, the toothpaste is  great for making your teeth white and healing the gums!

You might want to try some!  Take care, with love, light, and an Ormus amount of gratitude.

Estella Rodriguez
(831) 641-9180

Its kinda hard to improve a product when it is already perfect. The first time my wife and I used it we were sold.  Teeth felt like we had been to a dentist for one of those tooth cleaning sessions. a very satisfied customer.


Ill back that up!

Works really well and feels very much like a cleaning session at the dentist!

Mathias B

I must admit.

The toothpaste, i have order long ago as a sample in one of those alchemy samples,was the best toothpaste i ever tried.

I remember all my life straggling with toothpastes. none was good for me. They all were giving me a vomiting feeling every morning. I used to hate them. their texture their smell their taste. I have tried during the years all kinds of them.

"Healthy" and unhealthy ones, natural ones, with or without a smell or taste. Always the same.  The last years I used toothpaste ones or twice the week and the rest of the days and times I used just salt. It was the most comforting.

Bill's OrmusTech toothpaste made the difference. I loved it. I don't know how is the new version since  I haven't tried it yet. Sounds promising. I will definitely try it when my finances allow me to do some new ormus order.

Kind regards to all.

Liberate and celebrate


From: Ron

Date: February 25, 2013 5:43:40 PM PST
Re:OrmusTech products

I think they are GREAT! And my fiancé asked me the other day if I had been using whitener on my teeth? I said of course! Your ORMUS toothpaste/whitener!!


P.S. This tube of toothpaste is for her!! She keeps hogging mine!

Hi William,

I can only speak for your ORMUS Toothpaste as that is the only product I've ordered.  However, I can say that your TripleMint toothpaste is outstanding.  I've had a long history of tooth decay.  I was put on high strength precription fluoride toothpaste for several years and, while it did help somewhat with the tendency toward cavities, my hygienist said that my teeth were weak and the fluoride compound stained my teeth.  Also, it did not entirely stop the decay.

Now that I've been using your toothpaste, I haven't had any new cavities in six months and my hygienist says that my teeth are getting stronger.  She finds this "very interesting".

This is an amazing product, a non-toxic toothpaste that strengthens my teeth, prevents decay and does not cause stains.  I have only one complaint, that I did not find your toothpaste sooner.  Many thanks for a truly outstanding product.


Since using the Ormus toothpaste my gums have stopped hurting and bleeding.

It is amazing!

Diana Love

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